re: In 2019, which is the best stack to start a web development project? VIEW POST


I think it really depends on what you have to do.

I'd start with a serverless platform in 2019 for starters. You can find serverless runtimes for many of the platforms you mentioned.

Be it serverless or not, I'd say that any is valid, the one you know better :-)

I haven't included Java and ASP.NET because they're only used by large enterprises and their market share is minimal in web development.
Then there are some niche back-end stacks too like golang, ruby and erlang but either their share is minuscule or on the decline.

I'm not sure this is true at all, it's not like there's an easy way to measure a share of a language.

Is it number of web servers running a language? Is it the traffic these web servers are handling? Because both Go and Ruby don't come out as "niche" to me.

Same goes for Java and ASP.NET, it's really hard to say with confidence "hey don't matter". Based on what? :-)

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