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Thanks for the comment Ian. It's interesting because there's no universal consensus on the definition of the two. It's not the first time that I hear slightly different definitions of the two terms. I believe it's also because we tend to create definition in abstract and not relative to a context.

Taking into account your premises: how would you define code that runs in a single thread but that's able to advance multiple units of computation? The age old c10k problem implemented using select/poll/epoll/kqueue/iocp for example.

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Ian Kirker

Hm, yes, this almost seems analogous to the question of "how many things are you juggling at a time" vs "how many things do you have in your hand when you're juggling N things".

As to the c10k question: it's not a question I'd thought about -- it's still a form of multithreading, isn't it? Only one thing happens at once, but context-switching between threads, even if they're not formally labelled as threads, say, as green threads, 'coroutines', or even just handler contexts, can occur. It seems like "multiplexing" might even be an appropriate term to use, analogously to the use in signal transmission.