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Great post James, I've also interpreted it as an encouragement on not coming in in a room with guns blazing. Sometimes what you think you want out of something is not what you end up doing and you might enjoy even more this other thing if you don't stay fixated on yourself and your preconceived idea.

Does it make sense? It sounded deeper in my brain :D

Now, I'm not going to tell you to learn regular expressions 😂.

You should though :) Regular expressions and SQL are legit superpowers! The great thing is, as @helenanders26 is demonstrating with ther posts, SQL and database knowledge goes on for miles.

Regular expressions are pretty much the same in every language and environment, there are small difference but they can picked up by reading a page or two each time. SQL also has a "best before" date of basically never :D


Yes, there's wisdom in observing a business and trying to figure out pain points or gaps that could be filled vs. just trying to overlap all the best practices etc. I've found that out the hard way, sadly... :(

SQL is 100% a fundamental skill set that all devs should have. I find many web devs, for example, do lack a really good grasp of DB fundamentals beyond just querying. Many times, they are expected to set up a DB and optimize them - having a very basic understanding of DB concepts...

Def. a requirement for becoming a skilled "senior" web developer.

I think @helenanders26 has a potential market here for some future content directed specifically at web devs who need to improve their DB game in order to level-up in their careers... cough


"SQL has a 'best before' date of basically never"

This is the best quote ever :D

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