Discussion on: Is it just me or is Microsoft really crushing it lately?

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I still feel like the Windows OS is user hostile. Invasive telemetry, bloatware, and OS level ads are a big turn off for me

True that, technically Windows 10 is much better than predecessors but all of that stuff in userland (in part due to OEM vendors) is pretty annoying.

I feel like change there, though, it's going to come last. Embracing open source and cloud computing is already a giant effort for a big company. Windows and Office are a big chunk of their revenue, they are not going to change overnight.

I've also heard Windows 10 is going to be the last major version for a long time. They've been updating it with huge service packs (editions they call them now?) with mixed success.

I'm honestly rooting for Azure and their open source efforts and I've seen many super talented developers being hired in the last few years, like Jessie Frazelle:

I'm not naive but I'm glad it's showing signs of improvement