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Great post Andrey, so much to think about. The closest I got was not using social media apps for a few months (except Facebook which is still in the gutter :D). I read a lot when I did it :D

First let me say this: film cameras "for the win". You truly become a different kind of person when you have 36 shots and you have to pay for each of time.

my biorhythms adjusted to the Sun in no time.

so true, how fast the body adjusts if we respect it. I spent the entire summer without alarms and after a couple of days I noticed I was waking up at the same exact moment, give or take a few minutes

I didn’t have much difficulty using a GPS-less, paper map

Until a couple of years ago Europe had expensive and senseless international roaming. I had to relearn how to use paper maps :D

When the pain was too bad, I would tell myself the story of _why, an iconic person in the ruby community

This is a gem! I hadn't read his name in a long time. His poignant guide is how I learned Ruby. A legend!

There are hundreds of letters and thousands of RSS news waiting for me. I’m so emotional and busy I will not have more than four hours’ sleep a day, for the next three days, and instantly become a night owl, again. Yet I will be so glad to have returned.

Ahahah I feel you, even if this expectation defeats the purpose a little bit. I think now in 2018 it would be even harder because our brains are addicted to outrage and social media :D

I changed my attitude towards technology and the impact it has on society

Nice to hear! I wonder if after your usage of technology has decreased in general (not just when away) or it's just more pragmatic


His poignant guide is how I learned Ruby. A legend!

Absolutely. The whole his story is amazing.

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