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I recently had a conversation with @mangel0111 in the comments of his post How to survive to Chrome for Android disabling JavaScript for 2G or slower connections?.

My answer is yes:

  • yes because some websites are out of control on how much JS they deliver
  • yes because of trackers (kudos to Firefox that's going to disable them by default)
  • yes because a sizable chunk of the planet is still on 2G/3G (even in first world countries)
  • yes because a sizable chunk of the planet is still connected through satellite (even in first world countries)
  • yes because this "sword of Damocles" looming over use might force us web dev folks to rethink our choices and put the user back at the center. This made me think quite a bit: Dear Developer, The Web Isn't About You

I love JS but it's admittedly easy to lose perspective and go down the rabbit hole.

Update: another nice article about this subject is The Bullshit Web


Thanks for the link to the Dear Developer article! I enjoyed the read.


This is exactly the thing that was referenced when I had this convo IRL.

Chrome JS disabling on 2G is exactly the antithesis to this discussion.

I think we need to realize the difference between things that should be more like documents and more like rich applications.

DEV is rich, but it's like documents. If you come from Google to a post, you're here for the document. If you come to comment, message, react, interact in other ways, you're here for the application. Both are relevant use cases. The further you get into interactions, the more likely it will be that something might work, but the basic experience is document-driven.

Not that we do everything right but that's how I think about it.


Agree Ben.

Hopefully no one will introduce a standard HTTP header to tell the browser if the page is just a document or an app :D


I was going to point out the Android Chrome 2G plans too. Not only will browsers continue to allow users to block JavaScript, they may also choose to themselves.

Great other reasons here 👍

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