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Although Ruby is indeed great as the other said and its philosophy is different from Python's it's not THAT different to take priority over Go IMHO.

I'm not comparing the two, I'm just saying that if you want to learn something different and learn different ways to develop software (that you might then incorporate in your main language) you ought to learn either Go or Rust or Elixir or something that's fundamentally different from Python's way of doing things.

I hope this makes sense.

By the way, there's no wrong choice here, depends on what you want to learn and why :-)

I started with gobyexample.com/ and gowebexamples.com/


Thank you!
I see your point, I think you're right.
I'll probably start by go and then explore Ruby.
I keep Rust and Elexir in my mind tho


If Elixir is on the table, that one gets my vote ;) It's very very different from Python. I've found that writing a few apps in Elixir definitely has improved my object-oriented code.


I can also recommend you having a look at, both, Go and Elixir! Even if you will end up using Python most of the time, both languages can teach you useful new things – and both different things.

I have written about Go from a Node.js' point of view. A lot of this also applies to coming from Python: dev.to/jorinvo/why-go-for-nodejs-d...

And here is a quick article to get started with Elixir: dev.to/jorinvo/learn-elixir-by-cre...

Surely Rust can each teach you a lot too, but it is mostly useful for other problem domains than what you might be interested in coming from Python.

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