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SAP SD Module – Is it right for your career?

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SAP SD is probably one of the most popular modules of SAP ERP that offer amazing career growth opportunities. SAP SD is used to manage the consumer and product data of any organization. In SAP SD, aspirants need to perform the task of handling the billing, selling shipping, and transportation of goods and services of a business.

The SAP Logistics modules play a significant role in maintaining the customer relations , right from putting a quotation to sales order and billing of the goods or service. The SD is tightly integrated with other popular modules of SAP like SAP PP and Material Management

The institute offering SAP SD training starts with the basics of SAP SD and then teaches students with the tactics to deal with different modules and sub-modules of SAP SD.


The SAP SD is an ideal course for students who want to achieve the expertise in attaining sales, billing, and transportation of commodities. 


The training for SAP SD generally starts off with a primary introduction of how he or she can deal with the commodities and clients regarding the industry. Anyone who wants to learn this course should have some previous knowledge of inventory as well as must know the tactics of dealing with shipping and billing.

SAP SD Modules

Sales and Distribution (SD), is a famous module of SAP R/3 services. There are many sub-components of the SD modules which are popularly known as SAP sub-modules. Following are some of the major sub-modules of SAP SD:

SAP SD-MD (Master Data) - Master Data is a sub-module of SAP SD course which can be used by an organization to trace out all the transactions carried in the data. The modules covers both the material and customer data and also encompasses tactics to manage both order and cash of the customer 

SAP SD- BF (Basic Functions)

SAP BF produces some fruitful result on different tasks like pricing and output needed in sales and distribution network. The amount of pricing for the transactions are generally the same as output result. 

SAP-SD-SLS (Sales)

As the name implies, SAP SD sales manage the smallest aspects of each sale that is taking place. this module tracks everything whether it is the task related with the commodity recording or the task is related to acquire customer data, feedback, pricing and the sales process,

SAP-SD-SHP (Shipping)

This sub module of SAP SD is associated with shipping and delivery. Every product whether it is small or big needs proper dispatching and delivering to the buyer. With shipping modules, business owners can easily manage and record every commodity utilized for every delivery.

SAP-SD-TBA (Transportation)

The SAP transportation sub module is very much similar to shipping modules. This modules is also used to keep the record of all transportation data but here the method shipment for every commodity varies

SAP-SD-BIL (Billing)

The Billing module is an important part of any transactions. Customers handle the billing transactions via different modes like online transfer or cash on delivery. This module tracks the entire billing data properly.

SAP-SD-CAS (Sales Support)

This sub-module of SAP tracks the entire selling process of a product and maintains all the transactions carried out in the buying-selling phase.While using this modules, the clients always remain in touch with the sales team.

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