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Discussion on: A PHP developer's first journey into the NodeJS land! (and bumping into a CORS issue)

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Robertino Vasilescu Author

To me Nativescript presents the advantage that I can work with Vue which I already know (to some extent).
So far I like NS it is rather easy to learn, basically you can do the frontend in XML, though I chose Vue for this, it has quite a lot of plugins and since it was updated to 6+ it seems even more logical than before.
For example, if using Vue, one can write the vue code for both the web and the app in a single file although I chose to keep them separately.
In NS is also easy to differentiate the code based on the target platform (Android/IOS) using inline cases or splitting the files (js, vue, scss, css) into platform specific files.
Access to native API not only to native hardware too.
So far I do not regret my choice.