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re: How did linguistics influence programming? VIEW POST


Naming things is one of the hardest thing to do in programming. so it's definitely very important. Going up the abstraction layers, giving the right/wrong/adequate name to things significantly impacts how we program, design apps and architecture systems.

A good example is Alan Key regretting calling Object Orientation rather than Message Orientation.

Also the fact that english was the "pioneering" language has also a big impact.

Things always get lost in translation, so it becomes crucial to learn english and having it as a second language also impacts in naming things, not to mention encoding.

I also feel that conveying linguistic meaning to mathematical concepts if an interesting cross-over in functional programming and people (including me) are finding a way more expressive way to program.

And last but not least, category theory is also something to take a look. Naming things not only categorizes things but also gives meaning, and meaning could be relative to context and it changes over time, place, cultures, languages (speaking with the little knowledge I have on the subject, it's a heavy thing to study and I still didn't wrap my head around it).

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