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Fixing My Brave Browser Ads

I recently realized that I hadn't been seeing any ads from the Brave Browser.

This is my story and what I learned throughout this journey.

First, Brave is cool. I've been using it for a while and actually like using it in general.

First Attempt

The first thing I tried was a reboot. Obviously that failed ... or this would have been a remarkably short article.

When that didn't work, I started some research.

Second Attempt

I started searching with brave ads windows 10 not working and read through two "Brave Community threads:

  1. Brave supported ads on Windows 10 not opening
  2. Brave Browser not showing in Windows 10 Notifications, no ads showing

My research pulled up several settings that needed to be changed on my system.

Basically, I found out that this is a common issue with a variety of solutions. Having rebooted my machine, I skipped the ones that said to reboot or restart the browser.

I did see that the Brave Browser was not showing in the Notification settings under Windows 10. I changed these settings to match what was recommended online. At this point, I event rebooted ... to no avail.

In the midst of all this, I turned Focus Assist on ... and off, before realizing that it could have been causing some issues.

Third Attempt

At this point, since I thought I had all of the settings correct, but wasn't seeing the application in the Notifications section, I saved my settings and reinstalled the Brave Browser.

This failed. It did install ... it didn't change anything in the notifications area.

Then, I saw this ...

Go to any messaging website using brave browser (I did it with this one - brave community) and enable notifications. Once you receive your first message/notification, brave will show up in notification settings on windows and you will start receiving ads.

It’s weird but it works.

I spent a few minutes trying to find a site that would trigger a notification. Failing this, I went back to the article where I saw the note above and found ... Ben Kennish's Web Site and saw the link HTML5 Web Notifications test page.

Got things working

From the page I stumbled on, I was able to Authorize and Show a notification. I will say that it was not an instantaneous process, but it did show a notification.

Alt Text

And, within 20-minutes I was seeing ads again!

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fyodorio profile image

Wait... I got it right and you really strived for seeing ads in browser, not vise versa?! 😂

marianodevel profile image

Ok, let's see about that! Thank you!