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Sorry if this response is all over the place, it kind of got ahead of me and I was trying to bang out at least a somewhat thoughtful response before I had to go to work.

As a million people in this thread have already said, I feel like web components and frameworks solve different problems. I do think frameworks should work to target WCs where it makes sense (isn't Vue working towards this?). Extending built-in HTML elements is very cool and currently underappreciated, but to me it seems hard to justify building an entire application around it, in the same way the argument a few years ago could have been "yeah we could use frameworks, but we could just as easily write document.createElement('div'); ... ourselves!

There's been a lot of talk about "frameworkless JavaScript" but to me it misses a couple of points.

  • No one is asking Java or Python, for example, to standardize, again, for example, their server frameworks. "We need to stop writing Django or Flask and use the standard library instead!". It's always JavaScript that lacks the Official™ solution.
  • By adopting a "standard" solution to building web applications we also risk "standardizing" their shortcomings too. This would be true with WCs as much as it is with large-scale adoption of React. One of the benefits of having so many web frameworks, it seems to me, is that we at least get to weigh the pros and cons of all of them. I know that if, say, in five years, WCs managed to replace all the popular front-end frameworks now, that just as many people would complain about how awful web development is due to whatever shortcomings WCs introduced (and enough people do that already!).

(there's probably other things but these come to mind)

I don't entirely disagree with you but I'm certainly reluctant to buy into any "one size fits all" kind of solution.

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