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Laravel 9: New Helpers!

Soon, Laravel 9 wil release and there are some new features that we can use them.

This series is going to be a sequel about Laravel framework version 9 and in each article we will review a new feature!

1. str()

A new useful helper in Laravel 9 is str(). This function will return a new Stringable (Illuminate\Support\Stringable). We had this method on Str class and now it is more easier to use. eg:

$name = str('Reza')->append(' Khademi'); // 'Reza Khademi'

$snake = str()->snake('LaravelFramework'); // 'laravel_framework

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We should know, if no argument passed to this function it will give us a new instance of Illuminate\Support\Str.

2. to_route()

If we want to redirect user to a specific route, this will come handy:

return to_route(
   ['user' => 1],
   ['X-Framework' => 'Laravel']

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we can pass the route name as the first, our desired data as the second and additional response headers as the third and fourth arguments to the to_route() method.

PHP 8 String Functions

Since PHP 8, str_contains(), str_starts_with() and str_ends_with() functions moved in to the \Illuminate\Support\Str class.

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