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Laravel 9: New Designs!

Soon, Laravel 9 wil release and there are some new features that we can use them.

This series is going to be a sequel about Laravel framework version 9 and in each article we will review a new feature!

1. Say hello to new Error Page

Laravel 9 Error-Screen

New Laravel 9 Error Page will provide some new information, functionalities and help we understand code better.
This design will show us routes, stack, context parameters and so much more...

2. Beautiful Route List

Laravel 9 New Route List

Maybe, you are agreed with me about we needed a fresh design for showing the list of routes with php artisan route:list command and here it is with Laravel 9.

3. Test Coverage through Terminal

Laravel 9 Test Coverage

Nuno Madru said:

In Laravel 9, they will be introducing the artisan test --coverage option. This option displays the test coverage directly on the terminal.
This feature comes with an --min option, that you may use to indicate the minimum threshold enforcement for test coverage.

Farewell... till next episode!

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