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Time and its management tools


We have tried to reduce the cost of doing things with different methods and tools with the aim of improving processes during our lifelong.
Everyone with expertise in a certain field can live a balanced life and also benefit from other specialties and services without its scientific knowledge.

In the field of talent identification, one of the criteria for measuring talent is definitely time. "Time" determine who is more capable than the others. In fact, if unlimited time is given to any person, he/she will probably achieve the desired results and output.

So time is clearly one of the most important assets of ours. Such a significant thing will lead to negative returns due to mismanagement or neglect. Therefore, it would be logical to choose a goal based on the principles of SMART (+) and find the meaning of our life more quickly and in less time with self-control, which includes time management, and approach to the top of the need hierarchy pyramid.

Time management mistakesπŸ€”

First of all, let's review some important mistakes(pitfalls) about time management.

1- Sleep less as an option to increase time.
2- Prepare a long and detailed list of things to do.
3- Use several different tools and techniques to manage time.
4- Do several things at once.
5- Plan for all the moments and manage the seconds.
6- Continuous work.
7- Have an obsession to do all things.

Note: Although there are much more things you can add it to this list, these items are less considered.

Time management tools πŸ’₯

First, time management does not require any special tools. It is really possible to have the best time management method with just a pen and paper. Perhaps the most important feature of time management tools is the simplification of task management and the reduction of related concerns. For example, it is difficult to set a reminder at a specific time on plain paper.

Personally, I am comfortable with Mr. Allen's GTD method (+), and of course I got the idea from it and implemented it in my own style.

There are a plenty of time-management related tools out there that can makes you confusion (watch Mr. Schwartz's The paradox of choice), and the purpose of this post is to introduce a few tools that may be helpful for you.

List of preferred tools

Google Keep (+)
Trello (+)

In Keep you can have different notes (photo, plain text, checkbox, voice and drawing) in different colors and categories. An extraordinary flexibility on which any kind of mentality can be applied. If you can work with it continuously for two weeks, you will find your style. You can start with Mr. Allen's idea. (e.g. Having an "inbox" of all to-dos)

One of the great advantages of Keep is that when you are in a brainstorm (+), you can immediately record your voice in Keep or take a picture of your current position as a note by the phone's camera. That way, your ideas will not be forgotten.

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