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Truong Hoang Dung
Truong Hoang Dung

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The Git interface that i want to use

This is purely an idea, but i think it's potential to make programming fun again with git.

Imagine we have a command enter-git-mode

Our terminal turns into git mode. What can it do ?

  • Making new folder.

Behind the scene, git will create new branch for us, so that whenever we want to enter, cd foo/, we're inside the foo branch.

  • Moving files.

Now after you edited the code, you want to commit it to a branch, just use the famous: mv file foo/, git will commit the saved file to foo branch.

In general, we need a git mode that will map our folder commands to git command.

Hope this's an idea for a fun hacking weekends for everyone.

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Fran González

Isn't it like having two clones of the project with different branches checked out in each one?

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Tobias SN

Yeah pretty much.