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*****software testing introduction*

  software testing is a phase after the software development where we make sure that the product delivered is working as per the requirements also bug free, and it can be done in two ways - 
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  1. Manual testing,
  2. Automation testing.

we should be aware of characteristics of software testing such as the software is reliable to the user, practical and capable of finding bugs.

In terms of testing all the screens should be properly navigated also all the functionalities of each field should be validated and working fine.

we should know when we should start and stop software testing phase. Once software is delivered, we cannot subject it for testing phase.

Testing phase starts with test case design, in which test case to written for both positive and negative test cases.

Once bugs are reported to the development team, they will fix the bug and send back to us for retesting in that case our work is to check for that reported bug is rectified and that specific rectification does not reflect any changes in other modules of the application, for which we have to perform regression testing it is a testing process in which testing happens in a form of iteration.

In which each and every module to be tested to ensure that new rectification has not made any change in other functionalities of software.

software testing and its relevance

Testing is most important phase of software development because any bugs left uncaptured/unresolved it may cause big issue at the user side from business perspective. 
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For example, polling machine to be tested before the election phase for its functions like button clicks, data storage at the back end, loopholes associated with it, generation of voting receipt etc. Any single functionality of this cycle got bug it cause serious issue on the election department side so it's very important to make sure software is cent percent bug free.

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