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Attention JS developers!

Need to develop a REST API but don't want to deal with the hassle of setting up servers? Look no further than! With just a few lines of code, you can easily create and deploy your own REST APIs in the cloud.

Here is a minimal example of a REST API app using

import app from 'codehooks-js'

// Declare a single route
app.get('/hello', sayHello);

// Serverless function
function sayHello(req, res) {
  // Send a simple message to the client
  res.send('Hello, world!');

// Bind the app to the Codehooks runtime
export default app.init();
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This example REST API app has a single route that listens for GET requests at the /hello endpoint. When a request is received, the sayHello function is triggered, which simply sends a message back to the client. This is the bare minimum required to create a REST API with

To deploy this app to, you would run the coho deploy command from the command line, and your REST API would be live and ready to receive requests.

Happy new years coding.

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