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Why l chose Apollo over React Query

React Query specializes in working with REST APIs while Apollo Client is a comprehensive GraphQL client that can be used on any GraphQL server.

** Apollo Client**
Working with GraphQL

If you’re looking to create a React application that consumes data from a GraphQL server, Apollo Client is your go-to solution. Offering an impressive array of features, its powerful and flexible API makes executing queries and mutations easy. Moreover, its ability to handle local state management as well as real-time updates makes it perfect for anyone working with GraphQL.

Applications that need real-time data updates

Apollo Client’s support for instant updates, together with its management of the local state makes it an ideal choice for applications requiring real-time data or intricate modifications. Its flexible API permits you to quickly refresh the UI as information alters, guaranteeing that your application is ever timely and presentable.

Larger projects or teams

Apollo Client’s advanced API and compatibility with any GraphQL server make it the perfect choice for larger projects or teams that require a more extensive solution to manage data. If your project is on a bigger scale or you’re able to take advantage of extra resources, Apollo Client can be an incredibly valuable tool in building sophisticated, expansive applications.

However, you may also need to know about React-Query , I am here for you too.

Working with REST APIs

React Query is a perfect choice when constructing a React application that utilizes data from REST APIs. Its easy-to-use API and integrated pagination, refetching, and error-handling features make it effortless to work with REST APIs while making your app fast-loading and responsive.

Applications that need fast, real-time data updates

React Query’s reactive programming model means that components automatically re-render when the data they depend on changes. This can be especially useful for applications that need to display real-time data, as it allows you to easily update the UI as data changes.

Small and medium projects

React Query makes it incredibly convenient and hassle-free to get your project up and running quickly. Its minimalistic API and lightweight design make it the perfect choice for small or medium projects where resources may be limited, making Apollo Client an overkill solution. If you need something that can help you save time while still providing powerful features, React Query is what you’re looking for.

So in short, your choice depends on the type of project you are working on.

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