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Requestly Nov’22 Product Updates

Hey Requestlian 👋,

This is Sachin — Founder & CEO, Requestly. In this newsletter, I bring to you the latest product updates that we made in Nov’22. We created small 2–3min youtube tutorials to help our users understand how to set up Redirects, Switch Environments, and Injecting scripts on live sites.‍

Team Workspace (Early Access) 🚀

Collaboration is one of the most requested features in Requestly since setting up so many rules individually is quite painful and time-consuming. Therefore, we have built a Team Workspace feature using which the rules of all the members will be synced and Individuals can turn on/off rules as per their needs.

You can apply for early access here!

Check out the complete announcement on Githuband how Team workspace can help you & your team in faster testing & debugging of Web applications.‍

Improved UI for Rule Editors 😊

We’re continuously working towards making the user experience simpler & better. We have improved responsiveness and made it easier how you create new rules. This isn’t yet complete, we are still working on the rest of our UI. If you haven’t checked yet, here’s how Modify API Response experience looks.

Customer of the Month 🤝🏻

Bureau provides end-to-end identity verification, compliance, and fraud prevention for new-age businesses. The Bureau dev & QA team uses Requestly for the testing of APIs (& core Javascript) across environments (dev, staging & prod) without going through deployment cycles.

  • The Bureau team uses Replace Rule to switch API endpoints from one env to another. In fact, they also shared a blog post recently - Switching environment is a costly affair. How we do it at Bureau using Requestly. ‍
  • They use Requestly Mock Server when they need an API endpoint that doesn't yet exist so they can develop when backend APIs are not ready. ‍
  • They use Requestly Modify API Response feature to debug issues related to API responses directly on staging & production environments. This helps them avoid setting everything locally and reproducing the issues. ‍
  • They use Requestly SharedList feature to collaborate and share Requestly configurations in the team easily. It is helpful to onboard new employees with Requestly as the rules are already pre-made.

Read their complete story here!

Review of the month Chrome Store ❤️

Thank you so much Amal for sharing your love in the form of a review on Chrome Store.

If you’re happy with Requestly, please spread the love & help us with a review on Chrome Store.

That’s it for now! Hope you enjoyed reading it. Feel free to connect if you have any questions!

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