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Requestly Better alternative to Charles Proxy

Charles is widely used when it comes to debugging HTTP traffic. Having used Charles myself, I realized Charles works but it is a lot clunky and it has been in maintenance mode for quite some time. Charles has a greater learning curve, collaboration capabilities are not there, doesn’t work with VPN, requires switching between applications, etc. I used Charles for the lack of a better product and hence decided to build Requestly i.e. a modern client-side web debugging proxy that solves all these problems really well.

Requestly is a lightweight client-side debugging proxy to debug web & mobile apps. For the web, Requestly provides a browser extension on all major browsers and for mobile, Requestly provides a native Android SDK that provides a Chrome-like developer tool for Android debug builds. Requestly also has an In-built mock server and allows developers/QAs to record the sessions that facilitate data-rich bug reporting with network logs, console logs, video of the session, env details, etc.

Download Requestly for free!

Here’s a detailed comparison of how Requestly fares with Charles

HTTPs Requests Modifications supported by Requestly

Requestly provides support to modify individual pieces of HTTP request/response be it Setting up URL Redirects, Modifying Query Parameters, Modifying Headers,Modifying API Responses etc.

Here’s a demo of Modifying API responses:

Requestly users tell a better story

Give us a try and see for yourself how Requestly is the better alternative to Charles Proxy!

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