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Overcome your Muscle memory to Stay Calm & Productive

In this pandemic situation, almost entire tech industry is working from home. Staying focussed & productive is a constant challenge especially when you are working alone. There are a good number of studies available on web which shows why do we keep on browsing social media just before 5 mins of a meeting or starting any difficult task.

Here’s what Chamath Palihapitiya, Former Vice-President of User Growth at Facebook mentioned once

I feel tremendous guilt. The short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops that we [Facebook] have created are destroying how society works.

In a recent conversation with a couple of Requestly users, we figured out how one of the rules they have created is helping them to overcome this habit of going to Social Media — Facebook/Instagram/Netflix in between regular intervals and how it increases their productivity. Lets have a look at this -

How about you do rounds of Inhale Exhale activity than killing time on Social Media?

This is how Requestly provides powers you to control your web browsing. For this, we have setup a simple 1-page web app — and created a Requestly Rule to redirect Instagram, Netflix, Facebook, LinkedIn to this app which helps you do rounds of Inhale-Exhale breathing exercise. Follow this exercise and you will see the pressure, tension in your mind is released and how you become productive again for your next meeting.

Requestly Rule

Here is the Requestly Rule screenshot —

Requestly Redirect Rule to redirect Social Media Sites to Breathing Exercises

Get this Rule in 2 Clicks

  1. Install Requestly from Chrome Store
  2. Open
  3. Click Import List

That’s it! Hope it really helps to you & your colleagues. If you have any ideas for which you want us to write about, you can share that with us on our Github Discussions page or drop us an email at [].

And lastly — Stay focussed & Stay Productive.

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