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Modify request and response headers in Chrome

Having control over the headers in every request that passes through your browser can be a great power to have. You can test sites in production, delete referer headers to minimize online tracking, test the CSRF implementation on a target while pentesting and so on, the list is endless. With Requestly, you can do all this in a few simple steps.

  1. Create a modify headers rule in requestly. Give it a suitable name and description. Requestly - Modify Headers
  2. Select if you want to modify the request header or the response header Change request or response headers
  3. Select the action that you want to do. Do you want to add a new header, modify an existing one or delete a header from all matching requests/responses Apply operations to be performed on http headers
  4. Enter the header name and its value
  5. Specify when this rule should be applied. You can match requests/responses based on URL, hostname, or path. You can also use regex if you want URL matching to modify headers

Now you know how to yield this power. But remember
Spiderman - with great power comes great responsibility

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Thai Thien

Yo, now I need to buy premium to import rule from file.
Not cool, man.

requestlyio profile image

Hey @ttpro1995 -- You don't need Premium to import rules. You can check out our Pricing here - Feel free to reach out to us on for any questions.