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Introducing Requestly Developer Tools

Requestly bundles some powerful tools to do a lot more with network requests than it was possible to do with a normal browser. For instance, you can create rules to redirect URLs, manipulate headers, modify parts of URL, emulate website for different devices, execute scripts on page, modify response and much more.

If you are an existing user, you know what rule to create to serve your purpose and Requestly magically does your job.

But this is not all.

I’m sure you have few questions dangling in your mind — if you created the rule right? if your rule intercepted the request you wanted to? if the rule applied the way it was intended to? etc etc.

We have a Good news for you!

Requestly launches its Developer Tools where you can see all network requests intercepted and modified in a page by your rules.

If you are an advanced web developer, you must be already familiar with Developer Tools available in browser and have used it to inspect page elements or network requests. But even if you are not, you may learn more about it here.

Requestly Tab in browser developer tools

In browser developer tools, you will find a tab “ Requestly ” which displays the following details:

  1. Intercepted request URL
  2. Time lapsed from first intercepted request
  3. Request method — GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE. (More details)
  4. Request type — XHR, script, stylesheet, document, etc. (More details)
  5. Name of rule applied. Clicking on name, opens the rule in new browser tab, so you can quickly view or edit its definition.
  6. A brief about the modification

By default, Requestly does not capture or preserve logs for rules applied. And therefore, when you first open the Requestly Developer tool, you don’t see any detail. You have to either reload the page or make new requests to see data coming up.

You can explicitly clear previous logs by clicking the Clear button.

You can also filter logs by request URL or rule name.

That’s all my buddy..

Hope you liked the new addition. We will soon come up with more exciting features in Requestly.

If you are facing any issue or have any feedback, please reach out to us at:

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