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Paircast Demo Output

What's going on here?

Paircast generates markdown documentation from coding screencasts.

The following is an example of Paircast output. The markdown that created this post came directly from the View Source button on the homepage demo.

What are the little timestamps like 00:13? These link back to the Paircast video at the time that markdown was generated.

Learn how you can record your own Paircast.

Demo Output

Welcome to Paircast.00:01

Paircast helps developers automatically documet their code by aligning screencasts with code changes. 00:04

Everything I say as well as my code changes are transcribed (into markdown) right next to my video. Just watch as I ended this Swift file. 00:13

diff --git demo.swift demo.swift
--- demo.swift
+++ demo.swift
@@ -1,2 +1,4 @@
 // Hello, World! Program
 import Swift
+print("Hello, World!")
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You can use a Paircast to make: 00:17

  • Readmes
  • Tutorials
  • Pull Requests

Developers can copy-and-paste code out of your screencast, and they can even see the screencast within git history. 00:22

Paircast works with any programming language, and it's available for free for Mac and Windows. You can get started at 00:36

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