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Show and tell: Show off your vim setup πŸš€

reobin profile image Robin Gagnon ・1 min read

Hey DEV!

I was inspired by the post about vscode setups, so I decided to create this one.

I would love to see what the vim users of the DEV community use the most from color schemes, plugins, workflows, etc.

Starting with mine:

Alt Text

Check out the dotfiles. (Use as a reference only, it is not yet documented ☹️)

Color scheme

I use iceberg.vim, made by the great designer cocopon.

Check out cocopon's work!


I don't use many plugins, but 3 are vital right now to my workflow:

  • fzf
    • Fuzzy find a file by its name
    • Search for text in all files
    • Quickly switch between open vim buffers
  • coc.nvim
    • autocompletion for many languages through extensions
  • vim-fugitive
    • Resolve conflicts
    • Stage changes line by line

Outside vim

Share your own! πŸš€

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Wow, some of those make mine look really garish!

My config: github.com/DrHyde/configurations/t...



Looks old school I like it!


Yeah, I've not really fiddled with the colours much, apart from tweaking them a bit to work better in Dark Mode.

But that's not old school. Old school is green on black in a tiny dumb terminal. I don't miss that.

Good point!


My setup

Recently switched from VSCode. A pretty minimal setup - a fork of vim-code-dark to be greyscale, COC, Emmet.vim, and some other things I can't quite remember now.



Have you always used greyscale color schemes?
Why did you start to do it and how was the transition?



I definitely haven't always used greyscale schemes - this was mostly one of those 'huh let's try it' type things where I felt that vim-code-dark was a bit too bright compared to the rest of my setup. I just started to learn how to tweak schemes, and I find it's enough contrast for me, so that's fine. The transition wasn't as jarring as I thought (VSCode / vim-code-dark colours are quite pastel or desaturated already), and it was quite seamless in my opinion.

That said, some of my friends can't fathom how I can live 'without the contrast', but if you look at the colours long enough, a pastel blue vs a pastel grey looks about the same :)

Cool! Definitely going on my to-try list

I recommend that kind of color scheme. It's really pleasant for the eyes to see all in grayscale.
Personally, when using VSCode I use Verdandi theme. In VIM, I haven't found a greyscale scheme. Could you share with me the name of the color scheme you're using? :D thanks!

Emilie mentioned using a fork of vim-code-dark. Maybe you can find it on the linked GitHub account.

If not, the only greyscale color scheme for vim I know is jaredgorski/fogbell.vim

Fogbell was something I investigated as well, but I found it didn't have enough levels of contrast and the highlighting groups were a bit off for me.

There's a whole collection of greyscale (or minimal color) themes at mcchrish/vim-no-color-collection that you might like to also check out.

My personal edit's not on GitHub yet, but I've just uploaded the vim file to this gist if you'd like to check it out, Kevin :)

I've found sunbather on that list. I like it. I guess I'll start using it. Currently, I use Iceberg.vim but it already bored me.
This is a screenshot of the sunbather. Lovely

Looks cool - has an extra pop of colour that I might look into as well!



I think nothing different from what people already use here:

  • coc for completion
  • fzf to find files and jump into definitions
  • vim solarized theme
  • vim signify and fugitive for git
  • rainbow parenthesis and indent line

Outside of vim I also use tmux and zsh with starship too.


Our setups really are similar!

Is it just me or tmux messes up your vim colors? I have definitely had problems with that in the past.


Launching tmux with the -2 flag solves the issue for me!


AYU looks nice!


I go back and forth between AYU and gruvbox.. just depends what I feel like using. Just switched last week. Usually keep for about 2 - 3 months.


vim screenshot


Colors are mine; too many plugins to list, but shoutout to denite.


Love the low-contrast color scheme! Does it only live in your gitlab dotfiles?

I didn't know about denite. I understand the plugin is quite generic and lets you do many things. What sort of stuff do you do with it?


Yeah, I haven't published it anywhere else. The contrast is actually decent (at least at full size), it passes WCAG AA and only starts to fail on AAA!

I use three main bindings for denite, which cover the same things you use fzf for:

  • <C-p>: fuzzy find filenames, like CtrlP etc
  • <space>s: the same, but only for buffers I currently have open
  • <space>/: grep

Denite farms out the searching to ripgrep though.


Not sharing a setup, but curious from anyone around here mentioning COC: how is LSP integration in Vim? Curious about JS/TS, VueJS, Ruby, and any other languages people have tried. The tooling is one of the reasons I stick with VS Code.


I will agree with Justin that vim + coc is just as good at LSP than vscode.

It uses extensions for languages so you add the ones you work with and they get loaded when a file of that language opens.

There are extensions for all the languages you listed so you should be golden.

Good luck!


I've used VS Code and I think coc is just as good at LSP for JS, React snippets and C# (only languages I've been using since switch).

In addition it's the most familiar since the eslint and prettier plugins gives you the same warnings and formatting as you would running the linter/ formatter in cmd.

The biggest hurdle is to learn how to use vim though.


I'm very comfortable with Vim, and I use the plugin in vs code. I'd go back to Vim if these plugins make the experience similar. Thanks for the feedback

Sorry I didn't mean to imply you don't know how to use vim.

I meant that I'm not even that comfortable with vim and still need to remind myself to not hold down 'j' and use the line numbers πŸ˜…

Oh no, I didn't take it that way! Just clarifying that the Vim part is what I want in my life, but the other features are keeping me in VS Code.

And don't worry, I've been using Vim for years and still catch myself holding down j. Then I catch it, move back up, and use a line number to reinforce the better habits.


how to can debug some go/js/python/ruby projects in vim/nvim ? i just confused because of that ...


vim screenshot
here we go!

off the top of my head -

  • Gruvbox Dark
  • Coc.nvim
  • Airline

my dotfiles exist here.


Gotta love the good old gruvbox!


I used to change color schemes every month before I found gruvbox.. and since then, it's been a year or more since I found a color scheme I like as much.


Sure, here's my current one:

NeoVim with some of my plugins:

  • dracula theme
  • coc-python
  • Airline
  • ALE
  • autopairs
  • vim-fugitive
  • fzf
  • fzf-checkout


  • Also using dracula theme
  • zsh, oh-my-zsh *starship for the killer prompt

Nice setup!

Is ALE displaying the warnings and errors in the gutter? I've always wanted to integrate ALE to my setup.


Yep! Here's my config for it:

let g:ale_fixers = {
      \   'python': [
      \       'black',
      \       'isort'
      \   ],
let g:ale_fix_on_save = 1

let g:ale_sign_error = '❌'
let g:ale_sign_warning = '⚠️'

function! LinterStatus() abort
  let l:counts = ale#statusline#Count(bufnr(''))

  let l:all_errors = l:counts.error + l:counts.style_error
  let l:all_non_errors = l:counts.total - l:all_errors

  return l:counts.total == 0 ? '? all good ?' : printf(
        \   '?? %dW %dE',
        \   all_non_errors,
        \   all_errors

set statusline=
set statusline+=%m
set statusline+=\ %f
set statusline+=%=
set statusline+=\ %{LinterStatus()}


currently, this theme is my favorite


my .vimrc

set ts=2 sw=2 cc=80 expandtab number noswapfile
colorscheme delek

Minimalism goals


my awesome vim setup

Theme: rubber-enhanced
Font: The default Debian gives you.

Some interesting plugins I use:

fzf.vim - Fuzzy Finder
nnn.vim - File manager
emmet - Awesome snippets for html
vim-sneak - Move around the screen
quick-scope - Enhanced f
Nuake - A helper to toggle a terminal buffer

Here are the dotfiles.


I had never heard of quick-scope. Super cool, I’m gonna have to try it!


Nord theme all the way! Using Alacritty terminal and hoping to get around to cleaning up my dotfiles soon, its too messy to show the world.


  • Coc
  • fzf
  • ripgrep
  • vim-multiple-cursors these are most used, the rest I could go without but too lazy to take out


  • tmux-sensible
  • tmux-ressurect


  • powerlevel10k prompt

If everything was perfect, life would be sad. Don't hesitate to share the messy stuff! 😬


Thanks for the encouragement!

Yes that is true, I still have old code I'm not proud of public on my GitHub πŸ˜‚


vim dev setup
vim fzf buffers
voc hover rust

  • I always keep coming back to good ole gruvbox.
  • I just recently switched from skim to use fzf because it is more mature.
  • As others I am using neovim with coc works really well with rust, python, bash
  • tmux is awesome to have command line and vi at the same time with gitmux
  • loving Alacritty for my terminal and JetBrains as the font



I use git sub module for managing plugins. Here is what I have:



Nicely documented!


Interested in seeing more want to get better at using Vim.