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Josua Schmid for Renuo AG

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standardrb, but more

Often project teams suffer from either too many or too strict Rubocop rules (NewCops) or from outdated ones because they locked the rules or Rubocop versions. standardrb provides a good middle ground for people who care but also don't care fanatically. Its default settings are optimized for long-term maintainability and no-bikeshed. But we at Renuo are still missing a lot of rules, especially from Rubocop plugins like RSpec or performance cops. Since standardrb relies on Rubocop under the hood, there's an easy way for you to use a default but extended configuration. Simply opt-in to the rules you want while relying on standardrb for the rest. This inverts the team discussion time needed for your style guide from discussing every rule to discussing opt-in-exceptions.

If you want to have a look at our approach: we created a gem called renuocop. Our config file documents what we think is not strict enough in standardrb.

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