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Rene (Renetik) Dohan

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Sad thing about AppCode...

I was long time AppCode user and I felt like this was god send for developer like me used to refactor a lot and who likes IDE to be intelligent, but due to years of performance and code resolution issues I had to move on and embrace Xcode that I hated so much.

I believe AppCode performance issues even on M1, but also new cool Xcode preview are turning points for me. I still miss intelligent refactoring options like change signature and Xcode can mess even simple rename so you have to be very careful, but what is the point in all of that if you waste your productive time by waiting for IDE to just process your code.

I tried everything. Some say CocoaPods are the issue when you use frameworks there or that SPM is solution I tried all and always new issue pop up. So to me AppCode after 7 years of usage seems to be doomed forever.

They have to start from start to fix it and they will not do that.

Still I believe I can use it in same heavy one time refactoring of large codebase that is impossible or dangerous to do in Xcode.

Most difficult is to imitate Xcode editor to actually be usable:
Still I am not able to use basic things like:

1 - Comment line + move down with one shortcut
2 - How to delete whitespace backward in Xcode

But I was able to make formatter Swimat (altho not as customizable as I am used to), delete line, duplicate and some other shortcuts working so it works similar as Android Studio & App Code, but performance is heaven with Xcode and this preview is like other dimension :), its worth just for that.

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