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Discussion on: Where do you think ethics in tech is falling short?

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Jeremy Grifski

I've seen a lot of good stuff in this thread already including ethics in the areas of user privacy, machine learning (ML)/ artificial intelligence (AI), and disinformation. In addition, I think there are couple other areas worth mentioning like facial recognition (which could probably fall under AI) and self-driving cars (again, another application of AI).

That said, I'm more concerned with the ethics around certain processes in tech like hiring and work culture in general. For instance, why are we still conducting whiteboard interviews? And, why aren't we compensating folks for those interviews? Also, why aren't more jobs offering remote positions? And, why are we allowing employers to use tracking software for "productivity"? Likewise, why do we stress productivity but allow it to manifest in shortcuts and hacks?

A lot of the stuff I'm most bothered by revolves around tech culture, and I feel like this culture allows for some of the abuses we see in tech (like all the stuff listed in this thread). I have no clue how to address these issues, but I'm definitely interested in hearing others' thoughts!