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Hi Ahmad, thanks to your instructions I was able to set up a simple Azure Function, which sends some JSON to MongoDB Atlas. The function uses Mongoose - just like in your example above.

It works perfectly fine, BUT I have massive cold start times of up to 70 seconds. Did you encounter similar issues? Tomorrow I try to zip the function and deploy it (as described here github.com/Azure/app-service-annou...). Hope this decreases cold start.


70 seconds is odd. Must be some issue. Keep digging. Anything beyond 5 sec is something wrong.

Also, glad you liked it. Just release my VSCode.pro course been thinking about a course on serverless after that.

Peace! ✌️


Hi Ahmad, the zipping helped! Cold start time is down to 3 seconds max now. When deploying from VS Code the add-in is automatically creating the package, so no issues with long cold starts. Should have used it right from the beginning.

Thanks for this tutorial again! It was very helpful!

Awesome! 💯

Been thinking on making a course on it.

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