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#RenderRoundtable: Sending The Ladder Down With Scott Hanselman

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For this week's #RenderRoundtable (hosted on Twitter Spaces!), we wanted to revisit some topics that are not only important but that matter to us as a community. We sat down with Scott Hanselman to discuss his wide variety of skills as a coder, blogger, author, teacher, speaker, and YouTuber, but also what it means to be someone passionate about "sending the ladder down," to bring up those who are often overlooked in tech.

Scott shared his amazing journey in technology with us, and for those of you who missed it, I wanted to discuss a few things that were particularly empowering and important. Scott mentioned that his intro to technology was actually through a teacher of his-- and while this may seem innocuous, we had a very candid conversation about how educators can often serve as gatekeepers, especially in tech. If you're a mentor, you can genuinely change someone's trajectory, so choose kindness and faith over criticism and redirection.

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Next week, we'll be continuing the conversation with Pariss Athena-- the founder and CEO of Black Tech Pipeline. Pariss has done some amazing work in the diversity space and really embodies the fervor and dedication it takes to recruit and retain Black tech talent. During our conversation with Scott, tons of participants had questions about finding, recruiting, and working with underrepresented groups, so let's continue the conversations that enable us to do the work that matters, next Thursday, April 12th, at 7:00 PM EST.

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Until next time!

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