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Discussion on: 10 principles of scalable frontend projects

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Renato Ruk Author

Hello Mahmoud! 👋

I think Cypress is so versatile that you could actually use it for unit, integration and e2e altogether. For example, they have a section about unit testing in the docs ->

I believe it's also suited for integration tests. In terms of web apps, integration tests don't have a stric definition what they consist of. For example, an integration test could be a storybook story with cypress network mocks, but it's also amazing for e2e. Unit testing is feasible, but I still prefer Jest for that.

What do you use for unit and integration?

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Mahmoud Khalafallah

Hi Renato
I got you, I'm using Jest for both Unit and Integration testing and cypress for e2e, but now I may try to use cypress in integration testing as well!

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