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Real World Data Structures - 30X Faster with 1 LOC

renaissancetroll profile image Renaissance Troll ・1 min read

As a self-taught programmer I know how intimidating learning stuff like Data Structures can seem. It's "computer science" and impostor syndrome makes it seem like something for math geniuses only.

In reality, it isn't that hard to learn and even just learning the basics can lead to massive performance boosts for your code. In this video I'll show you how changing 1 line of code in a text analysis can make it run up to 30X faster.

This is just a tutorial to get you motivated and see the value of learning this stuff, doesn't go too in depth on any particular data structure. If you're interested in that type of content be sure to subscribe and follow because I'll be making tutorials covering that soon


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Can you help me with how to attach a youtube video into dev blog.


you just use liquid brackets with the end of the youtube url for that video:

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make sure you only paste the ID for the video, not the entire URL, cut off this:

and paste the part of the URL after that portion


Thank you for the clear explanation.

Got it, I was missing out the keyword youtube.


Great example, thanks so much!


Let me know if you have questions or are interested in any particular topic you would want covered in a future video or article!