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Discussion on: Advanced Hugo Template Tips and Tricks

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Brian Rinaldi Author

Thanks for the comment. Yes, I had this discussion with someone who reviewed my article and I think that in most cases it can be avoided but 1) sometimes its just easier to use it; and 2) I have run into cases where I can't seem to remove it (or if I could, it goes back to 1). My use case is simple for example purposes, but I have run into fringe cases where I tried refactoring Scratch out and simply could not fix the scoping any other way. Here's a snippet of the example:

{{ if ne .Params.sessions nil }}
    {{ range $session := .Params.sessions }}

        {{ with site.GetPage (print "/sessions/" $session) }}
            {{ $.Scratch.Set "speakers" .Params.speakers }}
            <h2>{{ .Title }}</h2>
            {{ .Content }}
        {{ end }}
        {{ $speakers := $.Scratch.Get "speakers" }}
        {{ range $speaker := $speakers }}

In this case, I seem to run into issues with $speakers regardless of where I initially set it. There may be a way to avoid Scratch but, honestly, is it worth the pain of figuring out where the scoping issue is.