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Discussion on: There's More Than One Way to Become a Developer

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Brian Rinaldi Author

I'm sorry the comment offended you but I obviously wouldn't have included it if I thought it was sexist. This is based upon the responses of developers from a legitimate research company and it does not in any way say or imply that women don't have ambition nor that they don't want to start their own businesses. First, having a primary motivation to "develop my skills and challenge myself" as a reason to become a developer is ambition. It happens to also be why I became a developer and why I love being a developer - just because my primary motivation isn't to have a startup or business doesn't make it any less ambitious. Second, it in no way implies that they don't want to start up business, just that this isn't the primary motivating factor for a significant portion of women developers (a significant plurality, in fact, but not even a majority).

I believe that understanding the differences in what motivate people with different backgrounds is part of how we make the tech industry more open and welcoming to diversity and how we can learn to better promote diversity in our recruitment efforts by understanding the different things that motivate people to join the industry.