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Discussion on: Discuss: What is your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)?

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Brian Rinaldi • Edited on

We just did this at work. I ended up as an ENTJ. The description from the assessment at work sounded like me, but someone sent me the link to the description and my first thought was that the ENTJ sounds like an a--hole...and lo and behold the first two examples are Steve Jobs and Gordon Ramsay, two notorious a--holes.

The nice thing that the one at work did (which I am not sure if this one does as I didn't retake it) was that it laid out some of the specifics within each grouping. So, for instance, I am T for Thinking over Feeling, but I also got tender over tough within that grouping. So my hope is that offsets some of the a--holeishness. 😉

That being said, it was a fun and useful exercise. Especially where it forced me to think about the ways I see myself versus the way the evaluation sees me.