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Brian Rinaldi

There are plenty of remote developer jobs out there, but they are tougher to find than on-site jobs. I've been working remote for years. In some cases, I've had to make some sacrifices in the short term to remain remote, but it's worth it to me. You can work for a company in a different state, though some roles care which time zone you are in and others don't.

For example, I work for a Massachusetts company out of Florida (though I worked for them remotely out of Mass. for several years first). One big benefit of this is the ability to have a lower cost of living (and no state taxes) while being paid a salary that I likely would have a hard time getting where I live in Florida. Plus, my vote actually counts for something 😉.

However, should the situation change my options are much more limited (i.e. take a pay cut to work locally or limit my search to other remote-friendly jobs). I am ok with that trade-off.