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Discussion on: NPM hot-takes and the pitfalls of trivialization

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Brian Rinaldi

I didn't intend it to be condescending. So I apologize if you perceived it that way. I did think the context of the comment, especially given that it's author was being intentionally abrasive (he even admits to "going there") was important since it gave a potential misconception that the article it responded to made that sort of exclusionary argument (i.e. the "you're not a real developer unless..." type of argument) about trivial libraries.

Finally, I, in no way, made the case that developers should be broadly distrusting of open source. You generalize my argument. There is a risk/reward balance and the risk isn't just malicious code - it could also be that a removed or broken dependency breaks my build, which may or may not be a simple fix. In my view, the risk for a trivial dependency does not outweigh the reward. In your view, it does.