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Discussion on: There's No Such Thing as a Full Stack Developer

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Brian Rinaldi Author

I think things like Software Engineer, Developer (with Senior or Junior perhaps), Software Developer, Software Programmer, etc. are all good options if you want to keep things more generic. I prefer things like front-end or back-end developer - but every company has their preference for titles (and in some larger companies, the specifics of the title imply a level on a pay scale).

I am not all that bothered by language specific titles - though I do think when people go so far as to use framework specific titles (like Angular Developer for instance), it takes it a bit too far. I don't see this necessarily as being a hindrance to finding a job - I've swapped languages and front-end to back-end over my 20+ years...regardless of my titles. I'd even say, if the title on your resume isn't helpful, tweak it - saying you were Developer rather than a Python Developer is in no way misleading.