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Discussion on: HTML DOM manipulation by JavaScript. . .

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Brian Rinaldi

Thanks for this article. I know you really only touch on one selector here but there are so many methods available to manipulate the DOM in JavaScript now. Once upon a time, doing this without jQuery was incredibly laborious, but now it is really easy and powerful. Hopefully you'll keep sharing about it.

On another note, I am running a free online meetup specifically on this topic featuring Edidiong Asikpo as the speaker. You can check it out here:

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Fahad Khan Author

Yes! in this article I have already told that we took only one method to interact & manipulate with HTML-DOM, the basic idea is about to be aware of HTM-DOM manipulation and a little bit of relationship between HMTL & JavaScript. By the way rest of the other things like the variety of Methods & properties is the part of JavaScript by manipulating HTML-DOM with different techniques. And thanks for the invitation, glad to attend meetup with dev buddies!