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Discussion on: Working remotely – the Struggle is real

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Brian Rinaldi

Thanks for a great discussion all! So many great points. If I would impart takeaway advice based upon my own experiences, it would be this:

There are two key struggles that people deal with in work from home that can be exacerbated by the current crisis. The first is how to avoid distraction while at home. It is much easier for your personal life to bleed into your work or for temptation to distract you (I'd love to be gaming, for instance). The other side of this is how to create a good separation of work from your personal life. It becomes very easy for work to interrupt your personal or family life or to work until late at night. This can cause all sorts of problems - for me, my sleep suffers terribly when I work right up to bedtime. I deal with this by having a place designated place to work (having worked from the kitchen many years, I can attest to this being important) and having established work time versus home time. You can't eliminate distraction from either, but the goal is to limit it and allow yourself time to focus.