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When you sit down, you will never get up.

This is something I have witnessed since birth. When a person sits down at the computer, spends his whole life there and if he is lucky he will get up at age 60. This is not my story, because I spend more time at the computer than my whole life. This is it.

The computer is a funny thing, because you can easy become a slave to it. This is how the operation system on most deviceses are programmed, so there is no way out of the loop without realising it before you are out. So how do you come to the conclusion to realise that you are stuck.. First you have to look at the tasks you are doing.

Every command typed takes time i can take your entire day of work and program it into one single command. So the work you do 12 hours every day I can do in seconds.

So what is the problem here? The real problem is not to understand, why we program and how computers calculate. Programming is to take several commands into one single command, see it all comes down to {TAKE ALL THE TASKS I DO} > 1 CLICK. How you come to the destination does not matter, just that it do allyourtasks with 1 click.

That I'm writing this article and it took 20min are a waste of time and I could just as easy make an entire AI article writer for programming, you would not could see the difference and this AI creates 1 article each millisecond.

Writing articles is not what i do, so I have not programmed a bot for that yet, but the machines do the work, let the machine work, not you.

To understand how to think about a computer, all a person need is to take a course about basic Computer Science, but most programmers don't even do that, our computer is so fast and yet our operation system, programs and web development are far worse than code made in 1900. So why do we have this problem.. If i put my developer glasses on, it's easy, we put layer upon layer and most developers never peels this onion. Because they don't do that, they will never understand how a computer works, it's really so simple.

Let me give you example, we have two lightbulbs.. on means yes, and off means no.


yes > no


if name is steffan > login

else do nothing.

A machine would read something like

if name is steffan > 1

else 0

If i had a lightbulb at home at you where on the street looking, you would see everytime the lightbulb is on it's steffan, everytime its off, it's someone else there.

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