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Increase Website Page Speed

Many websites takes around 2-5 minutes to load, in this tutorial we will take a look on how to increase your website page speed within your own code and some other frameworks.

There are two things you should think about when you want to increase your pagespeed, how to avoid memory leaks and how to avoid the same requests over and over again.

When looking at frameworks a thing which is heavy is Wordpress. Frameworks are a wheel to avoid slow load time, the reason is you install more code(Plugins) to increase page speed, this will work sometimes but it will not increase the speed 95%.

It is possible to increase pages peed on every website, also by 95%. If you are coding the website yourself stop using JQuery, if you are only using it for two functions. Stop using a package for one single command and stop loading this package on every site or every request.

I have build a website creator which use 0 packages in python and 0 packages in html/css.


The website creator creates a website from your user input within 20 seconds, you can see a demo here:

alt text

As you can see the speed is 99% on mobiles and 100% on computers. This is two scripts inside one and I was still able to keep the speed 100% on google page speed.

So think about how you code your website, remember many times 80-90% is just junk or memory leaks. Happy Coding.

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Pritesh Usadadiya

What is the test score with 2G and 3G Network ?

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Steffan Jensen • Edited

Haven't tested but it is faster than anything on the market. You need to have a clean code. It's better to spend 5 hours to fix a Javascript function than load JQuery for only single function.

Compression does not matter as long as we are loading 1000-5000 lines modules just for one single command. As Rasmus Lerdorf says the inventor of PHP, All fuc**g frameworks sucks.

I am not saying it should be taken 100% seriously, but 90% of all frameworks our website does not need and that would increase the speed with 200-700+% easy.