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Discussion on: Why Python is not the programming language of the future?

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Rehman Arshad • Edited on

Python is a higher level programming language so there is always a performance cost associated with that. For example Java utilizes the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) which basically ensures you code can run on virtually any platform. You write code once, and it would work on any platform. The issue here is that the JVM is also criticized as one of the reasons why Java is slow compared to lower level languages like C, and C++.

Another thing to consider is that higher level programming languages like Java and Python also have garbage collection which also adds more overhead in speed.

Rust is a much lower level programming
language that is basically trying to overtake C++, since it is object oriented (unlike C) and it has the performance speed benefits of being lower level and has still modern creature comforts like garbage collection (that is fast) so you get the best of both worlds.

The issue with Rust is that it's extremely new and it will take time for developers to take advantage of it, and create tool sets and packages (similar to how the community develops packages in Python) but I'm seeing amazing progress being here.

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Chaitanya Prabuddha Author


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Even with the Java write once perspective, you still have to tune your code to run efficiently on the platform of choice. I think that you get better multi-platform with python (mobile excepted) than people would expect.