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Windows 22, for Browser Light theme

Windows 22 for browser using HTML,CSS, JS

Hey Devs,
From few days after making Windows 11 abd windows 12 i tried my best to make Windows 22 ui.
I make it by using Html,Css,Js
As a beginner, I tried my best in it.

Live demo :
Live demo :
Live demo :

You can also try Windows 11 and wis it also a very awesome project.

Window 11:
Window 12:
Window 11
Window 12 :

By :Abdul Rehman

About Me:
I am 14 years old boy From Lahore, Pakistan. I am interested in things related to computer and internet. I started my journey as a Web Developer From April, 2021 and start learning web development from YouTube and created Windows 11,windows 12,windows 22 that is really awesome please Try once. I make these windows on my PC(Which is too much slow) with 2gb ram and 32gb HDD(10gb usable).
Thank You.
I need your support.
Your one comment is a source of motivation for me.
Thanks again..

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CodeWhiteWeb • Edited on

its good but u forgot to change the title tags from windows 12 to windows 22

david050708 profile image
david050708 • Edited on

Wow super It's wonderful

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Benjamin Lebron

Considering this is just html css and JS I have to say that this and your other works are extremely impressive to me. Keep up the great work and keep on learning 👍