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Devloped our health...

Tips for better developer health

As a web developer, it's a challenge to stay physically and mentally healthy
Every person is different, so the advice here regarding health is not fit for all.
If you’re having trouble, make sure to consult a physician or mental health professional.

Daily Workout? Do you eat daily? Do you drink water daily?
You will say, yes these are essential parts of human life.
But when it comes to physical health, many developers skip this thing
Spending 30 min for your body is just as good as eating 3 meals a day
Our body needs proper blood circulation and this exercise is very essential

Self Care for Mental Health: Since a human is not just a body, it is the combination of the physical and mental body Taking care of mental health is extremely important
Consider starting up a meditation practice.
Meditating can help decrease your stress and anxiety too.

Taking a fifteen-minute break during your workday to meditate can help you recenter, and finish off the day strong.

Keep your snacks away from you Do you want to fill your car with impure petrol? Obviously not, impure petrol will not only release more smoke and it also makes your car engine less effective
In the same context, please eat good food to keep your human machine with full efficiency.
Eat less but eat healthily
Eat natural, fresh and non-storage food
Eat only to fill your body need, not to fill your tongue need

Drink water While I am writing this newsletter, I have a water bottle on my side. It is very important to hydrate your body.
While we sit for a long time, we need to keep our body's fluid up to the mark
When you drink water, it just refreshes your mind
When you drink water, you do feel not empty stomach
When you drink water, you are forced to go to the washroom, which forces you to take a break and walk.

Thankyou so much...

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