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ReductStore Client SDK for C++ v1.3.0 with Labels Support

We are excited to announce the release of ReductStore Client SDK for C++ v1.3.0! This release includes support for the ReductStore API v1.3.0 with labels and content type.


Since ReductStore v1.3.0, you can attach labels to data when writing and querying. Labels are key-value pairs that can be used to classify and categorize data. For example, you might use labels to store metadata about a record, such as its md5 sum or class.

auto [bucket, err] =  client->CreateBucket(kBucketName);

IBucket::Time ts = IBucket::Time() + std::chrono::microseconds(123109210);
std::string blob = "some blob of data";
        .timestamp = ts,
        .labels = IBucket::LableMap({"label1", "value3"}),
    [&blob](auto rec) { rec->WriteAll(blob); 

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This labels can be used to filter the results of a query:

auto err = bucket->Query("entry", ts, ts + us(3), 
    IBucket::QueryOptions{.include = IBucket::LabelMap({"label1", "value1"})},
    [&all_data](auto record) {
        std::cout << record->ReadAll() << std::endl;

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Content Type

You can now specify the content type of the data you are writing to the ReductStore database. This could be useful for example when you are writing a file to the database and want to store the file extension as the content type or keep information about the image format.

bucket->Write("entry", I
        .content_type = "image/png",
    [&blob](auto rec) { rec->WriteAll(image_as_blob); }
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Read more about labels and content type in the ReductStore documentation.

I hope you find this release useful. If you have any questions or feedback, don't hesitate to reach out in Discord or by opening a discussion on GitHub.

Thanks for using ReductStore!

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