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Reduct Storage v0.9.0 has been released

Hey, everyone!
I'm happy to announce that we have released Reduct Storage v0.9.0.

This version is the last version of the experimental engine v0.x.y, and we're starting working on the v1.x.y version. Check our roadmap.

MacOs Support

Now you can build the storage engine on your shiny MacBooks with GCC 11. We've already described it here

Windows Support

We also don't forget Windows users. You can build the project with MVSC >= 19.29. I'll document it soon, but you may use our GitHub actions as an example.

Binary Distribution

You don't need to build the storage engine from sources if you want to avoid using it from Docker. We provide pre-built x86_64 executables for Linux, macOS, and Windows. Check the download page.

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