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Discussion on: What's Your Fav. Dev Laptop? Why?

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Mike Harding

I recently just switched from a Dell XPS to a Surface Pro 7, and the Surface has been the best laptop experience I've had let alone dev experience! That last statement is really subjective, I know. Before my XPS I was using thick gaming laptops, which was not fun to carry around, and wouldn't last very long at all on battery.

I really like how integrated the touch experience is on the surface pro, and I ended up getting a pen to go with it, so it makes it super easy to sketch out code designs and write out notes (I tend to be able to remember and think better when I can scrawl my notes down rather than typing). It's been great not having to carry around a paper notebook.

I should also note that I'm in school right now, so some of the benefits I've been seeing might be overblown for someone not in school who doesn't need to be taking notes all the time, but for me, it's been great. I've also noticed the battery life is a bit better than my previous XPS 13 was even when it was new.

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Björn Grunde

I think you are on to something, I have an HP Spectre 360, and what baffled me was just how useful a touch screen and a pen could be at work. Being able to sketch out ideas on the go turned out to be incredibly valuable.

And the 4k monitor is not bad at all for programming (or any work) :P