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re: On GUI-shaming and a mountain of hot takes VIEW POST

re: Why not a hybrid approach? There is this concept of "best tool for the job" rather than "use one tool, and only one tool EVER" Reading through thi...

This is kinda how I feel. I'm pretty new as far having a setup I like, and I've only recently been dipping my toe into Linux. I've used GUI's for mostly everything up until recently and have been trying CLI stuff as I get comfortable with it. If I find that I like something better in CLI, then I make that my primary tool for that job, but for things that I still like better as a GUI, I'll keep using the GUI.

Like you said, it's using the best tool for the job. Tools are only as useful as the person using it, so if I'm terrible at a certain GUI program or a certain CLI program, then it's probably better to not use it unless I'm really wanting to invest my time and energy into it.

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